Sunday, December 4, 2016


                                  DONE WITH OLAHRAGA FOR THIS SEMESTER

Yesterday, we had our olahraga day at Stadium Upsi and it was so fun. My housemate and I wake up at 6 and it was early because we know Saturday is our day to woke up late. huhhh. Then we walked from KUO to stadium, because bus will start at 7:30. As we knew the program will start at 7. And yes I am forget that I in Malaysia which mean never punctual or "janji melayu". So the programmed start at 8:30 a.m.

So as usual, olahraga will start with perbarisan.  And I am the one who joined that perbarisan. Hoho! and our group won  third place,

Then, bermula lah aktviti yang di nantikan iaitu lompat jauh, lompat tinggi, lontar peluru, larian and many more. I am the person who do not like to do the activities like this so I made decision to support our group.

So my olahraga was fun, di mana I got a chance to usha-usha orang especially budak sains sukan. eh eh. It was fun because I got a chance to create memories with them. And now I started to love this place.

GROUP H with their instructor 💙

                                              HOUSEMATE BERHUHU     💓💖

Saturday, December 3, 2016


A best friend is the kind of person who knows you inside and out. They love you eventhough they know your weakness. They know your secret but keep them forever. They know your flaws, and disregard them happily.  They hold your hand when you really need them.

To be honest, I miss them a lot. From left Me, Then, rindu nak dengar pengetua bercakap, Rndu nak dengar dia mengeluh redha bila kena bahan. Rindu kakgu, Rindu nak dengar azlina cakap kelantan, Rindu Zarif yang suka suruh orang buat nakal padahal dia yang rancang or ajar. Rindu bulat. Rindu nak suruh Tengku belikan makanan kat koop. Rindu nak tengok orang tu bawa ja bag dia kemana sahaja dia pergi.  Rindu nak kena cubit. Rindu nak nyanyi bersama dia. Rindu nak tengok dia acah-acah gaduh dengan Maz, also my classmate. Rindu Cikgu Suhaila. Rindu nak main killer dengan pengasas dia. Rindu nak dengar dia cakap "adudududuud" or "faham tak". Rindu nak dengar dia kata dia tidur lambat padahal paling awal untuk budak classmate tidur.  Rindu nak order karipap. Rindu nak dengar dia cakap "aku rembat". Rindu nak dengar dia cakap "wehh kau nak apa, nanti aku belanja". padahal tak bagipun. Rindu nak dengar dia cakap " hii bos". Rindu nak dengar dia cakap "ehek ehek.". Rindu guru kelas Puan Asmah. Rindu Salwa yang suka berlakon jadi cikgu saiko sambil pegang bulu ayam. Rindu nak tengok dia lawan bila orang ejek dia, sebab dia jarang balas. Rindu nak dengar "ehhh saiyidah".  Rindu nak tengok dia pakai over padahal nak pergi kelas tambahan ja.

It's to early to achieve your dreams, but it's a perfect age to start those dreams. It's painful when you fall, but it's a perfect age to fall a hundred times and learn how to stand again. Because we're 18years old back then.

Now masing-masing dah hampir berjaya. GOODLUCK UTARIDEANS. 💓

From left : Syada is currently taking Bisness in UITM, Me is pursing ISMP Ekonomi in UPSI. Syafiqah will be a accountant in UMT. Zafirah continue her study by taking Sains Masyarakat in USM penang, and Syazreen continue her degreen by taking Ekonomi in UniKL.
Glad to see us happy with what we're doing right now. 

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